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Mission Statement

The Indy Bats are not about winning at all cost, but rather we try to instill the integrity of the game of baseball into each player. The Bats stress fundamentals, knowledge of the game and sportsmanship. To allow each player to learn the many life lessons that are associated with the great game of baseball. To provide a high quality environment for learning, high quality competition and the most fun the game of baseball can offer. Our goal is to help our players achieve his goals of playing high school baseball, college baseball, or possibly beyond.


30 MAY 2015

2015 Commitments:

KEITH ELLISON                                                  LINCOLN TRAIL
MYCHAL WITTY                                                  LINCOLN TRAIL
DRE DAVIS                                                         ST. JOES
CALEB MATTHEWS                                             KANKAKEE CC
CONNOR ADAMS                                                KELLOGG CC
CALEB GRAFF                                                     DEFIANCE  
JOSH SAMPOLL                                                  LAKE LAND CC
SETH HOUGESEN                                               CONCORDIA U
ADDISON ROBERTSON                                      CONDORDIA U
CHRIS ALLEN                                                      INDIANA U
KYLE BURTON                                                   BUTLER U (PRE MED)
ELVIN CALDWELL III                                   OLIVET NAZ U (FOOTBALL)
Zach Lamping                                                      Indiana U
Cody Moncel                                                     FRANKLIN COLLEGE

18 MAY 2015

Cody Moncel Commits to Frankllin College

Cody Moncel Lutheran HS has commited to play baseball at Franklin College.  Cody has been with us since the beginning and actually he was the 1st player I ask to be apart of our team!  Cody has been the Heart and Soul of our organization.  Has been my pleasure seeing him grow/mature as a player and a young man.  Could not be more happy for him reaching his Dream of playing College baseball.  Great Job 21!!!

20 APR 2015

Zach Lamping Chooses Indiana University

Zach Lamping Roncalli HS has decided to attend Indiana University.  We are very Proud of Zach in his decision to pursue his dream of becoming a Dentist.  Zach is arguably the most intelligent young man we have had in our organization over these 10 years.  Zach made a decision to forego playing college baseball to pursue 100% his Career dream!  Great Job 20!!!

05 APR 2015

Elvin CaldwellIII Commits to Olivet Nazarene!

Elvin Caldwell III Westfield HS has commited to play Football @ Olivet Nazarene University.  So Proud of Elvin reaching his dream of playing College Football.  Elvin is the Best Leader we ever had in our organization and I know he will be Successful on the field and in the Classroom!  Great Job E...Let's GOOOOOOOOO!

18 MAR 2015

Mychal Witty Commits to LINCOLN TRAIL!

Mychal Witty Lawrence North HS has committed to play baseball @ Lincoln Trail.  We are Proud of Myc in this accomplishment in his young baseball career.  He has worked so very hard in obtaining his Dream of playing College baseball and to realize it today is Awesome!  Fantastic Job 5!!!